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Movies: Titans of Newark  Release Date: 07 Mar, 2012  Director: Michael J Marino Actor: Dee Dee Rescher Duke Valenti Joel Brooks   Genres: Adventure Comedy Fantasy Short Runtime: 25 min  Country: USA   IMDB: 7.9 
Titans of Newark: Up in the heavens of Mount Olympus, the classic Gods of ancient lore sit on their thrones, debating over whether they still have the power that they used to over the human race. To prove to Poseidon that he still reigns over man, Zeus decides to choose one human at random to make bend to his whim. Down on present day Earth, Levi Katz is in the process of being thrown out of his home by his wife for backed up bills and unpaid debts. Desperate to prove his self-worth and become the breadwinner for the family, Levi is given one last chance to fix things by getting a job interview as a local accountant. What he doesn't realize is that between him and that interview, stands a divine war that will push him to his very limits.


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