Watch Stab 4 Fresh Blood (2010) Online
Movies: Stab 4 Fresh Blood  Release Date: 10 Oct, 2010  Director: Joshua Patrick Dudley Actor:   Genres: Horror Runtime: 75 min  Country: USA   IMDB: 5.7 
Stab 4 Fresh Blood: After being accused of her family's murder, Sarah Campbell has moved from her home in Odessa, Texas to the smaller, peaceful town of Manchester, New Hampshire. Stuck in an unfamiliar place, Sarah rediscovers joy in her oldest hobby: dance. Sarah joins a local dance-team run by dance legend Jay McConnell and befriends her teammates and quickly enters their clique. Trouble soon finds Sarah, again, when a local news reporter, Heather Gale, from Texas, follows her to New Hampshire, revealing the dark secrets of her past and accusing her of a new string of local murders. One by one, her friends begin to drop like flies in a very familiar pattern. Could Sarah and the murders be connected? Or has someone else taken their love of the STAB movies one step too far?