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Movies: Ngok nam shi kin  Release Date: 04 Jan, 2008  Director: Kwong-yiu Lee Actor: Kong Lau   Genres: Horror Runtime: 93 min  Country: Hong Kong   IMDB: N/A 
Ngok nam shi kin: Nam is not your typical teenager. Sure, he spends a little too much time on his computer, and tries a little too hard to meet the gorgeous stewardess who lives in his building. But recently three of Nam's friends have committed suicide, which isn't all bad since, as the title implies, he sees ghosts. However, these suicides only foreshadow weirder things to come. Soon his brother Tung, along with Chee, his stewardess crush, begin to act strangely, while his visions of ghostly children and other phantoms grow more frequent. With aid from his brother's girlfriend Charlie, Nam sets out to investigate his haunted building's past and help these malevolent spirits cross over.


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