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Movies: Circle of Atonement  Release Date: 12 Oct, 2015  Director: Actor: Kim Dong-Hyun Lee Eun-Jung Lim Hyung-Joon Kyeong Jin Yoo-jung Kim Il-woo Nam Ye-ji Seo Lee Seung-Hoon Ho Jun Son Dong-il Song Yoo Yeon-Mi Yoon Yong-Joon Choi Yoo-Ri   Genres: Drama Crime Runtime: 102 min  Country:   IMDB: 6.1 
Lee Sang-won is policeman and a single parent. He is anything but reliable, but he deeply loves and cares about his teenage daughter Jeong-hyeon. One day Jeong-hyeon gets a new teacher called Cheol-woong and the young falls in love with him. Cheol-woong knows its wrong, but eventually can\'t resist her anymore. Her romance must be kept as a secret, but as Sang-won fails sometimes to be a father, as sharp and clever he is as a cop. He discovers the love affair and confronts Cheol-woong violently, though Jeong-hyeon pleads him to stop. But Sang-won feels that something must be wrong with the teacher and takes a closer look at his past. To Sang-won\'s surprise he find\'s a trace to an unsolved murder case he investigated 10 years ago, which sets his mind on fire. What if Jeong-hyeon is dating a murderer?


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